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Annual Maintenance

The Annual Maintenance Contract is a software update service which will provide you with the latest developments and program enhancements. It is usually included free of charge for the first year of the original purchase and it allows you to take advantage of a full years software improvements.

We have programmers working full time on both the Glass Office and the GlasSave optimisation programs, making sure the software is continually evolving and improving. Customers may also request any "wish list" items or new functionality in the software and any requests will be considered for inclusion in later versions of the software, if we think they will benefit other customers as well. This service also enables us to prioritise and fast track any bug fixes or defects that inevitably crop up from time to time in complex software.

We always welcome new suggestions, because we firmly believe that many of the best ideas in our software originate from our customers, as they are the ones facing the issues and challenges on a day to day basis, and often seemingly small enhancements can make a big difference and cost saving to a customer. For instance, the software can check and warn of duplicate order references (to prevent making a job twice by mistake) or flag up which are the normal delivery days for each route (to prevent making a special trip, unless it's urgent).

The Annual Maintenance maximises the return you have made on your glass software investment and includes free software updates, so you'll also be secure in the knowledge that you are entitled to use the most recent version with all the latest enhancements and it is designed to be a fair way to cover some of the costs of our on-going research and development. Upgrades for Glass Office and GlasSave are distributed to you free of charge throughout the year either by post or email download.

Please be aware the Annual Maintenance Contract should not be confused with an "Annual Licence" sometimes offered by other companies where the software will stop working if you don't pay the compulsory licence fee every year you want to use it. We strongly believe that we should put enough new features into our software each year that you'll feel that you're getting good value for money from your annual maintenance and safe in the knowledge that you're always entitled to the latest version.

The Annual Maintenance Contract does not cover software support which is supplied and invoiced separately and covers any queries regarding your system, including the loading on of your updates, please click here for more information.


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